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Music Entertainment and Recreation

Specials of the Month

We offer monthly discounts and specials. Here's an example of packages we might use to display the information about our discounts.

2013-14 SPECIALS!

NDRZmusiNetwork was founded by nandorodz back in the 1970's. Aur first musical group was called "Ochestra Tropical", with ten musicians using the two Trombone concept of music that was popular in Latin music in the 70's. The group could be augmented in any way if needed, say more singers or trumpets, or less for a small venue, to suit the budget or situation of the customer.
We perform at weddings, private parties, and comunity affairs, also concerts and private music lessons are all available to the consumer. 
Our main sound is "Saperoco Latin Jazz", the original sound by NandoRodz.
We also perform all kinds of Latin Music including, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Latin Jazz, Cumbia and Vallenato, Marinera, Landu Peruano, Charanga, Son Montuno, Guaguanco, Afro-Cuban, Rumba Columbia, not to exclude "Bomba and Plena" from Puerto Rico.

Spots are running out. Contact us as soon as possible to book a great dancing and listening adventure:

NDRZmusicRecreation Company
2999 8th Ave.  Suite 25A   
New York, NY  US 10039 

Phone: (646) 620-7896


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