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Music Entertainment and Recreation


This is our opportunity to describe the different adventures/tours/ and dancing activities we offer. Here's an example of the  packages combinations you might choose to use.

PLEASE HELP!! All donations for a Prostate Cancer recipient, will be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!

Available Packages

SalsaRengue Band!

Choose "SalsaRengue Band + DJ service for a unique adventure in a great combination of latin rythms and modern up to day Hip Hop and Regaeton music. We offer 2, 3, and 5 hours of real dancing pleasure . All sound equipment and band members provide the best entertainment. No special skills needed, only an extra pair of dancing shoes.



Dacing  contests!!

* Salsa and Merengue  
Reggae and Regaeton

* Western, Hip Hop    
Soul and Rythm and Blues
House and Free Style

Around the Hudson Boat Dancing Trips

*Cumbia and Vallenato
Landu and Marinera  
Bachata and Mangulina

Feel free to call our booking agent :

**** (631) 599-7075  ****

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For more information call: (631) 599-7075

NDRZmusic Recreation Co * Frederick Douglass Suite 25A * New York, NY * US * 10039