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Saperoco Latino!!
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Saperoco Latino!!

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Here's how to get in touch with us:

Telephone:  *** (631) 599-7075 ***

Please leave a message since we might be at the recording studio, we will call you ASAP!!!


PLEASE HELP!! All donations for a Prostate Cancer recipient, will be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!


Our Hours!!!

Call : (631) 599-7075

Monday - Friday

8:30am - 5pm


9am - 12pm




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Saperoco Original

Merengue con Saperoco

Music Instrutions and Digital Recording!!!

Instructions on Piano, Latin Percussion

Voice and Ear Training, Structural hearing

Counterpoint in Composition, Saperoco and Latin jazz

Theory and Keyboard Harmony

Free Electronic Music Composition Program CD

All courses last a period of 3 month, and must be prepaid

One hour rate $25.00 for lessons

Recordings rate one hour $50.00 prepaid


Hernando J Rodriguez

Certified Music Arranger and composer, Licensed Digital Recording Advisor

Chairman of the Board Hernando J Rodriguez began the agency in 1974. He is a past president of the New England Professional Recording Studios Association and has served in many capacities with local charitable and recording service organizations.

You can contact Hernando directly at :

Email : NDRZmusicNetwork : or Call **** (631)599-7075



Musical Director

Nando Rodz is a Certified Music Director and Planner (CMDP) and a Registered Compositions Advisor. For 47 years he has served families and individuals and lectured to many of the top music corporate companies in America. He teached at Northeastern University in Boston as an adjunct professor.

You can contact NandoRodz directly at the numbers listed on the contact section of this page!!!



2999 Frederick Douglass Suite 25A.  New York, N Y 10039-0079

Office : (631) 599-7075